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A page for all of my good buddies..and all that good stuff ... =]

This is page is just a hello to all of my friends, whom I love dearly. <3 You guys mean soo much to me. I hope you's never change.. Love ya's always!!
Hey to .. Chris, Tami, Ricky, Brittany, Cathy, Allie, Sami, Desiree, Joan, Mike, Justin, Brandon, Amy, Lena, Hops, Megan, Andy, Tiff, Sav, Cait, Kev, Kao, Laylee (?), Chris P, Steph, Sammy, Kyle G, Kyle H, Charity, Katie, Ryan, Krystle, Jon, Jack Disco, Alicia, Tina S, Pat, Allison, Fred, James, Shane, Dani, Mark, Mary, Cody.
If I forgot anyone, please let me know, and I will add you the next time I update this .. =]

Johnny Depp is the most amazing person in the world. You should all envy him. If you don't, you must live a sad, sad life ... ='[ hehe ..
Well, i'm new at this site thing .. so if you know how to do it .. just lemme know by helping me out ... =D thanks much !! later ..

Mr. Depp =D

This page is dedicated to Johnny Depp ... The sexiest man alive!!