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I'll try to keep updating this as much as possible, but sometimes I get lazy...so please excuse me for that. haha. Just look around and what not, and I'll keep adding more shit on here soon.

♠What's New?♣
When: March 17th, 2005
Where: Staircaise Lounge in Pittston Pennsylvania
Why: Electric Candy Shop's CD Release Party
What: Show with these bands:
Time: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
*Electric Candy Shop
*Teenage Girls
Everyone....just....go! It will be fun!

2/3/05 - I just made this thing so bare with me. I'll be coming up with more pictures and what not. Just keep checking back.
3/9/05 - Umm... just more updating to everything, since I hardly update this.. lol, the pages are still unedited....well, some of them...

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